Burial Event

Here are photos of the burial event of the late guardian to Lucy Shisia.

He was 47yrs old being the elder step brother to Lucy.

Behind those photos you can see a brown coffin and the grave is dug infront of his house.

We reached there before the burial service begun so we were right in time.

I was recognized for the support we have given them by taking the girl and staying with her and taking her to school so i was given a chance to address the mourners.

I talked of your support and love telling them that if it were not for you I couldn’t have taken there child and others too.

The area chief was among the mourners and after I gave my speech he called me and encouraged me to continue with the work, he further stated that he has along list of orphans who are in great disrepair and requested me to consider them if chance be available in future. Besides him I had so many people come to me asking for help,others have three, one,five orphans in their homes mostly there grandchildren, what I did was to ask them to pray that God may open a door for them either through me or any other person, I didn’t give them my contacts because they could disturb me every now and then.

Lucy has a brother and Sister who are twins and they also need help.

I was overwhelmed by the situation of the people who have needs of raising orphans in their homes, there stories made me to shed tears and asked God to open doors for them to be helped.

God bless you.

-Festus Kwakwa